Reasonable accommodations are adjustments or modifications made to a job or workplace that allow a person with a disability to successfully apply for a job and to perform their work.

Our office manages the accommodation process for IUPUI and any employee, job applicant, visitor, or someone acting on that person’s behalf may initiate a request for an accommodation.

To request an accommodation, please call or visit our office, send us an e-mail, or fill out the confidential request form using the link on this page.

When a request is made, we collect appropriate information, talk with your department's leadership, and may review other information such as your job description to help develop an effective accommodation based on individual needs and the type of work to be performed.

When a requested accommodation cannot be provided, we will work to find effective alternate accommodations whenever possible.  

Access / Accessibility

Our office believes that no person should be denied access to our campus or electronic resources, including the employment application process, because of a disability. 

If you encounter an obstacle to physical access or a barrier in accessing our on-line information, please click here or call our office to report the issue.