Request an Accommodation

Accommodation Request Procedures

IUPUI provides reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities in the application and interview process and in performing essential job functions.

Initiating the Process

To request an accommodation, please fill out a Confidential Accommodation Request Form.  

Defining Disability

A disability can be any physical, psychological, mental or intellectual condition that substantially limits a major life activity. Please direct any questions regarding disability to our office. 

Describing Reasonable Accommodation

A reasonable accommodation is a change or adjustment to the way work is performed or to the work environment that will allow a person with a disability to perform essential job functions.

Determining Reasonable Accommodations

During the accommodation process, an OEO specialist may:

  • Call to discuss your request
  • Schedule an appointment to visit your worksite
  • Review your job description
  • Talk with your supervisor
  • Request appropriate health care documents
  • When necessary, refer you for evaluation by IU Health.

We will research the requested accommodation and any alternate accommodations and will discuss all options with you. 

Once an accommodation is selected and approved, or if the request is denied, we will notify you in writing. A copy of the approval or denial will be maintained by our office in a file that is separate from your personnel file and consistent with confidentiality requirements. 

Reviewing and Modifying an Established Accommodation

Accommodations may be revised and changed when needed depending upon your changing needs or when the needs of your unit, department, or business processes change.

If you need to revise an existing accommodation, please call our office.