Helping the campus eliminate barriers that inhibit indviduals and groups from attaining equal access to employment and education.

Civility and respect should be extended to all persons regardless of their role, status, or social identity. We encourage everyone to speak and act thoughtfully and judiciously and with respect for one another. We may not always agree with one another, but when we disagree, we are called to respond with civility.

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Land Acknowledgement

IUPUI acknowledges our location on the traditional and ancestral territory of the Miami, Potawatomi and Shawnee people. We honor the heritage of Native peoples, what they teach us about the stewardship of the earth and their continuing efforts today to protect the planet. Founded in 1969, IUPUI stands on the historic homelands of Native peoples and, more recently, that of a vibrant Black community, also displaced. As the present stewards of the land, we honor them all as we live, work and study at IUPUI.


It is important to report all criminal activity to the proper law enforcement authority first, especially if a situation arises that threatens the health or safety of any member of the community. Indiana University Police Department on the IUPUI campus can be reached at any time by calling 317-274-7911.


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